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Unleashing Resource Advantages with the Power of Science and Technology Green A was awarded the top 20 innovative enterprises in Yunnan Province

来源:原创 Time: 2018-12-04 Source: Original

绿 A 获评云南省 20佳创新企业 Unleashing Resource Advantages with the Power of Science and Technology Green A was awarded the top 20 innovative enterprises in Yunnan Province

云南省政府为深入贯彻打造世界一流 “绿色食品牌”的安排部署,在昆明举办了2018年“十大名品”和绿色食品“10强企业”“20佳创新企业”表彰大会,云南省委副书记李秀领出席并主持大会,省长阮成发出席大会并为获奖企业颁奖。 On November 28, the Yunnan Provincial Government held a commendation ceremony for the “Top Ten Famous Products” and the “Top 10 Green Food Enterprises” and “Top 20 Innovative Enterprises” in Kunming in order to thoroughly implement the arrangements for creating a world-class “green food brand”. Li Xiuling, deputy secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, attended and presided over the conference, and Governor Ruan Chengfa attended the conference and presented awards to the winners. 绿 A生物 工程有限公司荣获 “20佳创新企业”殊荣,总经理胡志祥受邀出席大会领奖, 进一步凸显绿 A品牌发展实力与行业贡献, 为云南省打造 “绿色食品牌” 贡献 “微藻力量”。 As the sole representative of the spirulina industry in this event, Yunnan Green A Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. won the honor of "Top 20 Innovative Enterprises". General Manager Hu Zhixiang was invited to attend the conference to receive awards, further highlighting the development strength of Green A brand and industry contribution. Yunnan Province builds "green food brand" and contributes to "microalgae power".

2018年政府工作报告中提出,将依托云南省丰富多样的绿色生物、生态资源,全力打造世界一流的“绿色食品”、“绿色能源”、“健康生活目的地”这“三张牌”。 It is understood that the Yunnan Provincial Government stated in the 2018 government work report that it will rely on the rich and diverse green organisms and ecological resources of Yunnan Province to build a world-class "green food", "green energy", and "healthy living destination". "Three cards." 业进行表彰和宣传,绿A生物正是在百余家领先企业中脱颖而出,获评云南省“20佳创新企业”。 This event is centered on the "green food brand" of the "three cards" to create a "gold signboard" of Yunnan food with high quality and word of mouth. At the same time, it organized several industry experts to set up a review team. Quantitative evaluation and selection of outstanding companies in various characteristic resource industries for recognition and publicity. Green A Bio is one of the more than a hundred leading companies that has been selected as one of the "Top 20 Innovative Enterprises" in Yunnan Province.

“20佳创新企业”奖状 Certificate of "Top 20 Innovative Enterprises" of Yunnan Province

云南省 “十三五”期间生物医药大健康规划中重大项目之一,并 在《云南省生物医药和大健康产业发展规划 (2016—2020年)》 明确提出,以云南白药牙膏、螺旋藻、雨生红球藻、三七、天麻 系列保健品等为重点,打造形成一批销售收入超过 10亿元的具有云南特色的品牌产品、拳头产品。 As one of the unique biological resources in Yunnan Province, the spirulina industry has been supported by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and Party committees and governments at all levels for a long time. One of the projects, and it was clearly stated in the " Development Plan of Biomedicine and Great Health Industry of Yunnan Province (2016-2020)" that Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, Spirulina, Haematococcus pluvialis, Sanqi, and Gastrodia series health products are Focus on creating a group of brand-name products and fist products with Yunnan characteristics with sales revenue of over 1 billion yuan.

A是当之无愧的行业领头羊,自创立之初即全力支持和响应政策号召擎起产业发展大旗,加大科技投入、提升科技含量,在藻种选 育、基地建设、生产工艺、产品研发等多个领域已经达到国际先进水平 ,成功占据全球微藻产业链制高点,不断引领螺旋藻产业的创新发展。 As the original research unit and founder of industrialization of spirulina products in China, Green A is a well-deserved leader in the industry. Since its inception, it has fully supported and responded to the policy call to raise the banner of industrial development, increase investment in science and technology, and increase its content It has reached the international advanced level in algae breeding , base construction, production technology, product research and development, and has successfully occupied the commanding heights of the global microalgae industry chain, continuously leading the innovative development of the spirulina industry.

A检测中心 Green A Testing Center

It is worth mentioning that the biological characteristics of spirulina determine that the processing and production of spirulina is a high-tech industry. A在创立之初即承载国家科研任务,参与国家“七五”、“八五”攻关、以及“火炬计划”、“星火计划”等科研项目,率先建立起完备的螺旋藻藻种选育实验室和藻种库,拥有上百种优质藻种净株,同时兴建了亚洲较大的螺旋藻检测中心;通过与中科院、昆明植物园、武汉植物园、武汉水生所、云南师范大学、云南大学 100多家科研单位和大学长达20余年的协同攻关和技术积累,绿A在微藻培育 、质量保证、提取、生产等领域拥有 30多个国家级专利,藻种先后三次拿过国家科技进步奖。 At the beginning of its establishment, Green A carried the national scientific research missions, participated in the national "Seventh Five-Year", "Eight-Five Years" key research projects, and "Torch Plan", "Spark Program" and other scientific research projects, the first to establish a complete selection of spirulina algae species breeding The laboratory and algae seed bank have hundreds of high-quality algae net strains. At the same time, a larger spirulina testing center in Asia has been established; through the cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming Botanical Garden, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Wuhan Aquatic Institute, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan University, etc. Over 100 years of collaborative research and technical accumulation of more than 100 scientific research units and universities, Green A has more than 30 national patents in microalgae cultivation , quality assurance, extraction, production and other fields . Algae species have won national scientific and technological progress three times. prize.

面对全球兴起的健康产业浪潮,绿 A生物相继携手中科院等科研机构举办微藻产业学术活动,充分发挥产学研协同创新机制,不断寻求微藻产业的创新点,突破产业瓶颈为产业赋予新动能和新价值。 In recent years, in the face of the rising global health industry wave, Green A Biological has successively organized academic activities of the microalgae industry in cooperation with scientific institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, fully exerted the collaborative innovation mechanism of industry, university, and research, constantly sought for innovations in the microalgae industry, and broke through industrial bottlenecks. Industry gives new momentum and new value. Based on the height of healthy global development, excavate and expand spirulina application scenarios, release innovative applications of spirulina in food, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products and other fields, and promote the spirulina industry to better serve the economic development and humanity of our province. Health career.

A藻种库 Green Algae Seed Bank

"Green development" is one of the basic concepts of China's economic development. The development of the green food industry that is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood requires not only hard-working enterprises, but also the strong support and guidance of government policies. 绿 A生物总经理胡志祥在接受采访时表示 本次品牌集中宣讲,不仅是省内优势品牌发展实力的集中展示,更是对入选品牌的权威肯定,绿 A将以此为动力,当好行业领头羊,以行业发展为使命,以服务省内经济为大计,让螺旋藻这一生物资源不断发展壮大,为我省由生物资源大省向生物经济强省的转变做出新贡献。” Hu Zhixiang, the general manager of Green A Bio , who was invited to attend this event, said in an interview : " The brand's centralized preaching is not only a concentrated demonstration of the development strength of the advantageous brands in the province, but also an authority and affirmation of the selected brands. A will use this as a driving force, be a good leader in the industry, take industry development as its mission, and serve the province's economy as a plan, so that the spirulina biological resource will continue to grow and develop, which will strengthen our province from a large province of biological resources to a strong biological economy. Provincial change makes new contributions. "

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