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"Yunnan Daily" Plays a Leading Role in Painting the Colors of the Times-"Green A" Leads the Microalgae Market in 20 Years

来源:云南日报 Time: 2019-09-24 Source: Yunnan Daily

Use the leading role to paint the colors of the times
—— "Green A" Leads the Microalgae Market in 20 Years

Excellent enterprises are necessarily the products of the times.

In 1984, Chinese researchers discovered natural spirulina in Chenghai Lake for the first time. With the efforts of experts from many scientific research institutes, the large-scale development of natural spirulina was successfully realized, which lit the fire of ignorance for the industrial development of spirulina in China. And to make the world better understand China's spirulina, it is the brand enterprise that has cultivated the microalgae industry for more than 20 years-Yunnan Green A Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Green A").

Since the world's largest natural spirulina base was built in 1997, Green A has become one of the world's largest spirulina companies by virtue of its unique resource advantages, cutting-edge scientific research and innovation strength, and integrity management philosophy.

After a long journey, the original intention remains. Today, Green A ’s microalgae technology research and development level has reached a higher level, and its brand value is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It adheres to the role of leading enterprises to promote the development of green economy and healthy industries. Looking back on the road, Green A used four "colors of the times" to vividly depict the course of its twenty years of hard work.

Green attack

Green A originates from "green".

Lijiang Yongsheng County is located in the middle section of the Jinsha River in the "three rivers co-current" area of the world's natural heritage. Historically, it is an important post station of the ancient "Silk Road" traffic fortress and the ancient tea-horse road in the south. The landforms of mountains, canyons, dams, and lakes have bred rich natural resources. The Central Plains culture and the frontier ethnic minority cultures have interacted, penetrated, and merged, accumulating colorful human resources. The beautiful Chenghai Lake is rich in natural algae resources and has broad prospects for development.

Yongsheng, which is rich in natural and human resources, has historically been inconvenient in transportation and blocked information due to the blocking of mountains and rivers. "The first time I went to Chenghai Lake more than 30 years ago, the most thrilling thing was to pass a suspension bridge over the Jinsha River." The founder of Green A Enterprise Hu Zhixiang recalled, "Passengers get off and walk, how does the car pass? I squeezed a sweat. Suspension bridge It is a soft iron cable bridge. The bridge deck is made up of pieces of board. When the car is driving up, the body immediately presses the soft cable down, and the two ends of the suspension bridge are raised high, and the entire shape is like a parabola. The bridge also moved, looking from a distance, as if a small boat was walking on the waves. Everyone who walked was frightened. "

It was under these conditions that a difficult undertaking started. In October 1986, a joint research team led by Hu Hongjun, algae expert of Wuhan Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, settled on the shore of Chenghai Lake. They lived and stayed for three years in the wind meal, and used the natural conditions such as water, light, and temperature of Chenghai Lake to cultivate and domesticate a new spirulina cultivar "CH-1, No. 2, No. 3" that won the National Science and Technology Progress Award. With the support of the National Science and Technology Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yunnan provinces, prefectures and counties, an investment of 3.5 million yuan has been completed to establish a 5 tons dry algae powder pilot base, laying a solid foundation for China's natural spirulina industry.

In 1997, with the attention and support of relevant departments, Yunnan Lv A Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, and sales of microalgae, was established to leverage scientific resources to grasp market opportunities and develop natural microspirals such as spirulina. Algae products.

"In the 1990s to Chenghai Town, there was no electricity and no road. In order to draw a stream of water, it ran more than 7 kilometers and spent 1.5 million yuan; in order to connect a telephone line, walked 5 kilometers and invested more than 400,000 yuan."

"The most worrying thing is that due to the hard water and high alkalinity of Chenghai Lake, scientists and workers are prone to cause stone disease after long-term drinking. We think that their bodies can no longer be damaged, so they were introduced from a dozen kilometers away. A natural quoted water, and the construction of the pipeline cost several million yuan-locals joked with me, 'drinking water is more expensive than drinking.' Accommodation conditions are also difficult, locals live in thatched houses, and Yongsheng is under an earthquake In multiple locations, we have built a batch of reinforced concrete buildings with high fortification standards. "

Green A's natural spirulina industry has therefore started from Yunnan, and has developed steadily from scratch.

In recent years, Yunnan has made every effort to create three cards of world-class "green energy", "green food" and "healthy living destination". Green A responds to the call with an unchanged core and always adheres to green development.

Recently, Yunnan has gained international attention in the field of biodiversity conservation. The fifteenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity will be held in Kunming in 2020. Yunnan is the province with the richest biodiversity resources in China and one of the 34 richest species in the world.

"China has proposed the concept of green development and has made gratifying achievements in biodiversity protection and ecological civilization. Next year will be a good opportunity for Yunnan to show the world the results of biodiversity protection." Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity Christina Pascal Palmer said recently.

Hu Zhixiang believes that this will be a new development opportunity: "Green A's business is centered on biodiversity conservation.

First, the microalgae of Chenghai Lake and rare ancient organisms unique to Yunnan have existed for billions of years, and are known as the mother of life on earth. Because the life of the earth has gradually evolved from lower organisms such as microalgae and lichens to higher organisms, we engage in the development of the microalgae industry under 'protection during development and protection during development', so that modern people will recognize that the lowest organisms are important to us. Unique role and meaning;

Second, protecting Chenghai Lake, protecting ecological barriers, and protecting green mountains and rivers are at the core of protecting biodiversity. The earth is not only human, but also various low, medium, and higher organisms. The components of a harmonious symbiotic body are indispensable. Even creatures known as so-called "natural enemies" were necessary to maintain natural balance. Therefore, even if human beings consider the maximization of their own interests, they must also realize the protection of biodiversity. "

Blue technology

How to accelerate the transformation of resource advantages into industrial advantages and economic advantages? The answer of Green A is: rely on technological innovation to advance into the "dark blue" and stand on the world stage.

In scientific research, Green A invests an average of several million yuan each year. It has established strategic research partnerships with hundreds of domestic research institutions and colleges and universities. It has formed a team with excellent scientific research and operational capabilities. National Science and Technology Commission's "Seventh Five-Year" and "Eighth Five-Year" scientific and technological research projects and "Torch Plan" projects. At the same time, Green A has extensively carried out international technical exchanges and cooperation, making its development and application of spirulina world-leading. Green A's spirulina research has reached the level of peptides and polysaccharides, ranking the world leader.

In 2006, Green A Company closely followed the latest technology and development direction of international haematococcus research and relied on technological and capital advantages to cooperate with the Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to realize the industrialization of haematococcus. The newly built Green A Biological Industrial Park can produce 2 billion green A spirulina products and 100 million red A products with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan.

Spirulina has particularly high requirements on algae species. The research and development of algae species once became a major technical problem for the development of spirulina industry in China. Only high-quality algae species can guarantee the excellent biological quality of mature spirulina, such as high enough high-quality protein content, reasonable amino acid ratio, rich phycocyanin, polysaccharides, sufficient vitamins, and trace elements. In developed countries, there are only a few companies producing spirulina, and only large-scale enterprises can complete it.

Green A base took the lead in establishing a complete spirulina algae breeding laboratory and algae seed bank to solve quality problems from the source. Green Algae Species Lab gathers top domestic research teams, led by Professor Li Yeguang of Wuhan Botanical Research Institute, who is stationed in Green A base all the year round. At present, there are hundreds of high-quality algae net strains in the green algae seed bank, and scientific researchers can clearly obtain various nutritional parameters of each net strain through technical monitoring.

In the breeding and production process, Green A strictly implemented the "quality is the life of the enterprise" into each link of production, processing, and sales in strict accordance with the "Geographical Indication Spirulina" standard, and established and adopted the "Chinese Medicinal Materials" Production Quality Management Specification (GAP) management system, ISO9000 quality management guarantee system, "GMP", "Food Safety Management System" (HACCP), and green food and organic food certification are the first products in China Both Spirulina and Algae Powder are certified organic by the Spirulina Enterprise. At present, Green A's various quality monitoring measures have covered all raw and auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products. It has truly achieved control with standards, operations with procedures, and evaluation with basis.

The microalgae industry is a brand new industry that has only gone through a short period of 20 years, from research and development to the establishment of product standards, from scratch. Green A became the first enterprise in the country to formulate quality standards for spirulina and chlorella health foods. At the same time, Green A is also committed to studying the quality and testing of spirulina. In 2012, Green A newly built a 1,000 square meter spirulina testing center. This testing center has become a national key microalgae research and experimental base, and it is also a large spirulina testing center in Asia. .

Chenghai Lake is the mother river of local farmers and the foundation for the sustainable development of the natural spirulina industry. Green A attaches great importance to protecting water quality. Over the past 21 years, it has invested more than 10 million yuan in Chenghai's environmental protection and energy-saving sewage projects, which has truly achieved a zero-emission environmental protection enterprise. Invented a new process for the recycling of spirulina wastewater and obtained a national patent, reducing water treatment costs, improving the quality of spirulina products, and providing domestic and international technology demonstrations for the large-scale production of spirulina clean production and CO2 emission reduction applications.

Poverty Alleviation Mission

The terrain of Yongsheng County is stacked with peaks and mountains, and the land utilization rate is low. It is also one of the national poverty counties.

For many years, Green A kept in mind its mission, practiced poverty alleviation, introduced intellectual resources, and developed biological resources. It carried out the exploration and practice of industrialized poverty alleviation on the shore of Chenghai Lake in Yongsheng County, and achieved staged victory.

"In the early 1990s, there were two villages, Hebei Village and Henan Village by the lake, with a total population of about 2,000. Farmers earn a small income from land cultivation. When a year is good, one acre of land can harvest hundreds to thousands of yuan. Sometimes If you ca n’t calculate the account, you will still be “back-paid”, and even the phenomenon of “desolation of land” will be formed in some areas.

To establish a spirulina production base, 600 acres of land in Henan and Hebei villages in Chenghai Town need to be requisitioned. Green A Company has reached an agreement with the local government and farmers. In addition to reasonable compensation, each household will be given a corresponding quota for the planting area. Sign a formal labor contract with the company. After strict training, farmers have become skilled workers. They enter the factory during the day to work on the spirulina business. When they return home at night, they can also take care of the unused reserved land by themselves or by hiring others. They also work and farm, and have double protection for family life.

According to statistics, currently the registered employees who have requisitioned land at the spirulina base have an average annual salary of about 30,000 yuan, and enjoy "five insurance" and "retirement" benefits.

The above model is a long-term development-oriented approach. Green A understands that only by integrating the lives of local people and the development of the enterprise, there will be more talents who support and understand. At the same time, Green A also donated funds for basic education, construction of cultural stations, repair of reservoirs, roads, electricity, etc. to improve farmers' environment and living facilities.

Integrity background

Integrity, the background of long-term development of enterprises.

"Integrity is not just the nature of a person, but also the common qualities of an enterprise or team, a gene for corporate survival, and a responsibility! This is the business purpose of Green A," said Hu Zhixiang, chairman of Green A.

The health products industry is not an ordinary industry, it is an industry that protects health; it is not only an industry that can make money, but also an industry with higher quality requirements. Therefore, it more urgently requires a "pursuit of profits" than any other industry. Green A has chosen the road of the whole industry chain that requires higher requirements and more difficult roads.

"The entire industrial chain is not easy. Once the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are extended, companies will find that profitability is not as easy as expected, investment is increased, and there are various unpredictable factors, which also contain great risks. Because of the peculiarity of the health products industry, Green A must follow the path of the entire industrial chain. "Green A has its own judgment and insistence on the entire industrial chain.

From algae breeding, large-scale breeding, innovative scientific research, production and processing, GMP standard management to dual-track terminals, service feedback, Green A Innovation has opened the industry's entire industrial chain model.

Chenghai Lake, as the nine plateau lakes in Yunnan, is a high-pH alkaline lake, and it is one of the three major lakes in the world where spirulina grows naturally. "If there is no scientific and effective use of scientific research institutions and production enterprises, algae resources are just resources, they cannot be turned into products, and they cannot form industries."

Based on this, in the period when many health care products companies were “emphasizing advertising but not scientific research”, Green A began to “run against the current” as a long industry. It spent 480 million yuan to establish a green A native spirulina base in Chenghai. Internationally leading scientific research and experimental facilities and technical equipment, the total production capacity of spirulina dry powder has reached 3,000 tons, accounting for half of the global output.

For more than 20 years, it has been cultivating the market for microalgae health products. Green A has relied on technological innovation to continuously accelerate its opponents, rely on marketing channel innovations to plug in wings, and expand its industrial chain to seek greater development. .

Green A series products are sold in more than 140 cities across the country, and serve more than 6 million customers every day through more than 180 specialty stores, offline major shopping malls, supermarkets, and online proprietary stores such as Taobao and JD. Perfect sales channels and complete after-sales service are the strong guarantee that Green A can become a leading domestic microalgae company.

"Deeply grasp the changes in the market, willing to invest, and invested more than 2 billion yuan in the market." Hu Zhixiang introduced. Looking back, he talked about two landmark innovations in the history of marketing: for the first time, the combination of traditional store marketing (shopping, display, advertising) and specialty store popular science marketing (consumer education, one-on-one service) , Promoted the market cultivation of new products. The second major innovation is the model innovation under the Internet economy-an organic combination of online and offline. These two historic marketing innovations not only help Green A become a leader in microalgae in China, but also make Green A series products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Italy, France, and South Korea.

The integrity of Green A is not only stricter than self-discipline, but also its responsibility and norms for the entire spirulina industry. Green A is the first to propose the establishment of a spirulina industry alliance and establish industry standards. It is hoped that this will rectify the spirulina industry and allow more spirulina products to enter the international market.

Establishing the city with integrity, quality control, technological innovation, green development and international vision are the core of the "Green A Model", which injects new meaning into China's large health industry. In the new era and new journey, Green A will remain committed and continue to struggle. Liu Jie

云南日报 Article source: Yunnan Daily

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