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Helping China's Strategic Haematococcus pluvialis industrial value needs to be released

来源:原创 Time: 2019-10-18 Source: Original

Powering a Healthy China Strategy Industrial value of Haematococcus pluvialis needs to be released

As the rising star of the microalgae family, Haematococcus pluvialis is given great popularity. (APSAP) 和南昌大学共同主办、绿 A 生物独家承办的雨生红球藻应用创新国际学术论坛上,与会专家纷纷表示,作为最有利于人体吸收利用的雨生红球藻天然虾青素,将会成为养生保健及预防多种疾病的有力武器,发展雨生红球藻产业和产品将对人人渴望的健康梦和“健康中国 2030 规划纲要”的实施起到积极推动作用。 At the International Academic Forum on Haematococcus pluvialis application innovation co-sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Algae Application Society (APSAP) and Nanchang University, and exclusively hosted by Green A Bio, experts participating in the meeting stated that it is the most beneficial to human body's absorption and utilization The natural astaxanthin of chlorella will become a powerful weapon for health care and prevention of various diseases. The development of Haematococcus pluvialis industry and products will play a role in the healthy dream of everyone and the implementation of the "Healthy China 2030 Plan" Actively promote the role.

Natural astaxanthin is absolutely safe for animals and humans

安全 性等方面差别显著。 At present, the production of astaxanthin has two methods of artificial synthesis and biological acquisition, and the two have significant differences in terms of function, application and safety . In terms of physiological functions, the stability and antioxidant activity of natural astaxanthin is significantly higher than that of artificial astaxanthin. In terms of application effect, the bio-absorption effect and colorability of natural astaxanthin are also better than those of artificial astaxanthin. A 生物对雨生红球藻天然虾青素的毒性和生物安全性也进行了大量研究。 As a leading brand in the domestic microalgae industry, Green A has also done a lot of research on the toxicity and biosafety of Haematococcus pluvialis natural astaxanthin.

A 生物总经理胡志祥介绍,早在 2008 年,绿 A 就委托云南省疾控预防控制中心、四川大学华西公共卫生学院分析测试中心,对公司生产的雨生红球藻粉、雨生红球藻提取物进行安全性评价,根据《食品安全性毒理学评价程序和方法》进行相关实验,结果充分证实了天然虾青素的安全性和稳定性。 According to Hu Zhixiang, the general manager of Green A Bio, as early as 2008 , Green A commissioned the Yunnan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Analysis and Testing Center of West China School of Public Health of Sichuan University. The algae extract was evaluated for safety, and relevant experiments were performed according to the "Food Safety Toxicology Evaluation Procedures and Methods". The results fully confirmed the safety and stability of natural astaxanthin. A 阿斯达软胶囊进行卫生学 / 稳定性实验、功效成分、抗氧化功能试验(动物实验)、缓解视疲劳(人体试食试验)的研究,证明红 A 虾青素油软胶囊安全性、稳定性均良好,具有抗氧化功能和缓解视疲劳功能。 In addition, by conducting research on the hygiene / stability tests, functional ingredients, antioxidant function tests (animal experiments), and visual fatigue relief (human food test) of Red A Asda soft capsules , it was proved that Red A Astaxanthin oil is soft Capsules have good safety and stability, have anti-oxidation function and relieve visual fatigue.

Participating experts said that astaxanthin has powerful antioxidant functions and safety to the human body, and has been widely used in medicine, health care, food and aquaculture industries at home and abroad. Dr. Song Lirong, Director of the Center for Algal Biology and Applied Research, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the best natural astaxanthin source is Haematococcus pluvialis, which is regarded as a "concentrate" of natural astaxanthin. , The United States, Japan, and China have explicitly approved only astaxanthin derived from this algae for food.

Haematococcus pluvialis is listed as national "new resource food"

“863” 项目首席科学家 张成武 在报告中提及,雨生红球藻天然虾青素最大的功效就是抗氧化,和抗炎的功效比较明显,所以在营养保健品、水产、畜禽、家畜 等方面应用的都比较广泛。 Professor Zhang Chengwu of Jinan University and the chief scientist of the national "863" project mentioned in the report that the greatest effect of natural astaxanthin of Haematococcus pluvialis is anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effect is obvious. Therefore, in nutrition and health products, aquatic products, Livestock, poultry, livestock, etc. are widely used. In terms of health care products, it is mainly anti-oxidant, and has a certain protective effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as liver, and some elderly diseases, especially Alzheimer's disease. There have been more recent studies and the effect is more obvious. In addition, there are athletes who Rehabilitation is very helpful, as well as the skin, which is also used more in cosmetics. The main functions are concentrated in the areas of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

年,绿 A 生物在国内率先按照新资源食品申报要求,完成了雨生红球藻产品食用历史研究、成分研究、质量研究、功效研究等多项研究后,向卫生部提交了雨生红球藻粉新资源食品申请, 经国家有关部门进行了上百次严苛检验、审核,确认雨生红球藻无任何毒副作用,没有任何人工合成成分,且含有丰富的虾青素,符合新资源食品要求, 2010 10 29 日雨生红球藻粉被中国卫生部批准为新资源食品,为国内开启天然虾青素在健康产业领域产业化应用奠定了坚实的基础,具有里程碑意义。 In 2008 , Green A Biomedical took the lead in China in accordance with the requirements of the new resource food declaration and completed a number of studies such as edible history research, ingredient research, quality research, and efficacy research of Haematococcus pluvialis products, and then submitted Yusheng Red to the Ministry of Health. The application of the new resource food for coccus powder has been subjected to hundreds of rigorous inspections and reviews by the relevant state departments. Resource food requirements. On October 29 , 2010 , Haematococcus pluvialis was approved as a new resource food by the Ministry of Health of China, laying a solid foundation for the domestic industrial application of natural astaxanthin in the health industry field, which has a milestone significance.

A 生物完成工艺研究、质量标准研究、功效评价研究、毒理学研究、卫生学研究等多项关键技术研究,并向国家食品药品监督管理总局申请,以雨生红球藻为原料、经萃取、制剂工艺制备值得的虾青素软胶囊 - A 阿斯达软胶囊于 2013 8 月获国家食品药品监督管理局颁发的“抗氧化”、“缓解视疲劳”两项保健功能的保健食品批文(国食健字 G20130482 ),产品中虾青素含量达到 12mg/ 粒以上,不仅是国内获批的虾青素含量最高的天然虾青素保健食品,也是国内首个获得国家食品药品监督管理局批准同时具备抗氧化、缓解视疲劳两项保健功能的虾青素产品。 In addition, Green A Biological completed a number of key technical studies such as process research, quality standard research, efficacy evaluation research, toxicology research, hygienic research, etc., and applied to the State Food and Drug Administration, using Haematococcus pluvialis as raw materials, The astaxanthin soft capsule - Red A Asda Soft Capsule , which is worthy of extraction and preparation process , was awarded the two health functions of "Antioxidant" and "Relieving Asthenopia" issued by the State Food and Drug Administration in August 2013. Health Food Approval (Guo Shi Jian Zi G20130482 ), the astaxanthin content in the product reaches more than 12mg / capsule, not only the natural astaxanthin health food with the highest astaxanthin content approved in China, but also the first in China The Supervision and Administration Bureau approved the astaxanthin product with both health functions of anti-oxidation and relief of visual fatigue.

Being able to stay at the forefront of industry development is fully benefited from the integrated development concept of production, teaching and research. A 公司已在雨生红球藻养殖及虾青素提炼方面获得 6 项发明专利,在雨生红球藻天然虾青素萃取纯度和稳定性上达到了世界领先水平。 Hu Zhixiang introduced that at present, Green A Company has obtained 6 invention patents in the cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis and astaxanthin extraction, and has reached the world-leading level in the purity and stability of natural astaxanthin extraction of Haematococcus pluvialis. In the future, it will continue to make use of the geographical advantage of the best natural producing area of "Global Haematococcus pluvialis", strengthen investment in scientific research, release the multiple values of the industry, and continue to use health technology to contribute to the realization of the healthy dream of the people and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation power.

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